Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Kurt Beach was in attendance at the first gathering. I didn't know him, but met him afterward and knew immediately who he is. Our church has been praying for Kurt. Read about him here, and put him on your prayer list as he awaits a liver transplant. He's a bonafide hero, and loves the Lord, too.

Today's installment in Moses' story highlighted how that our lives often resemble a roller coaster ride. Highs and lows. So where's God? He's there, as Moses learned.

Our Kids Ministry team was highlighted this morning in a great video. Kidmo Rocks! Thanks to a fantastic and growing team of volunteers who make NHC such a kid friendly church.

Today the sweet potato biscuits were especially warm! Nothin' like 'em. Thanks Jeff and Kelly's.

Today's music worked so well with the message. And thanks for bringing in songs that also reminded us of Jesus, the triumphant king riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Hosanna!

I'm guessing today's attendance was the highest of the year so far. It seemed that way. Next Sunday we'll be adding a 7AM gathering to help with the huge crowds we get every Easter. If you were at F1RST Wednesday last week, you heard our band and choir preview what they'll be doing Sunday. It's incredibly powerful stuff. Can't wait!

And if you can join us Friday night at 7:00 we'll be remembering the cross with communion.


Pamela Dawn said...

Thanks for the reminder of our roller coaster ride. It's more fun than the merry-go-round. Here's to riding down the deep hills with our hands raised high.

Terry Gray Sr. said...

Rick, As I celebrated 40 days being smokefree. Your message was so on target. Your devotion was one I could understand, I have seen highs and lows in my struggle to be smoke free. I can only guess that should I have chosen to do this with out the support of the NHC family, My family and the love and support of our savior I surely would have failed. Praise God and continue to walk in his faith.