Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Flashback

A summer like day today!

It was Compassion Sunday at NHC. We heard from Jay about how his family has been involved in sponsoring Gracie for eight years. Video images during a couple of well-placed songs helped stamp the image in our minds and hearts of children in need, not only of food, clothing and education, but of the love of Christ.

The MP13 Band was great today. It's so encouraging to be led in worship by men and women who do it so well.

I saw a big group getting ready for Kidmo to start. One mom with her two kids who just started attending NHC in January told me that her kids loved it from the first time, and that's a major reason they chose to come back.

Our friend Herb Owens, who was here to teach a parenting seminar yesterday, told me going out that "there's a great spirit in this place". Indeed, God is at work. That also means the enemy of God is busy, too. He's not passive.

The message today covered the plagues God sent on Egypt up to the final plague that led to the release of the Israelites. The theme was on stubbornness, and how those who fight God will wind up broken. I guess all of us are stubborn in our ways at times, so I hope we all left with something that will lead to change.

I'm off in a minute to teach on Biblical Church Leadership. It's a good class with excellent students! And tonight is an outreach night for our youth. Hoping to hear some great results. Maybe I'll grab a hot dog, too.

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