Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2 is a Big Day for Us

Two reasons:
1. Nathan was born on this day in 1981. Happy Birthday, Nate. Two more years and you're certifiably old. Your life lately has put you on the fast track to maturing. I was a proud papa when you were born, and continue to be proud of you today.

2. One year ago this evening Tricia was wheeled into surgery to receive her new lungs. Last night she sang with the choir at church. What a year this has been! It's been one of those years that you are glad it came and glad it's behind you.

Life and new life are being celebrated today by our family. Yet, I can't forget that somewhere a family is grieving the one year anniversary of the death of a loved one. Yet he/she/they cared enough to donate organs to total strangers. Please remember that family in your prayers today.

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