Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Flashback

I knew today was going to be special. Not because I didn't preach, but because Sam shared his story. I've listened to him tell me about his life, and knew it had to be told to a bigger audience. It's a wonderful testimony of God's forgiveness and how we have to come to terms with forgiving others as well as seeking their forgiveness as well. It should be up on the podcast in a few days. You'll want to listen in. Sam's one of my heroes.

I was told this morning that I had no responsibilities today (I've been "vacationing" this past week), so I got to focus solely on the worship and message. It was great! Next Sunday though, I'll be back with the next chapter in Moses' story. Think frogs, locusts and a hard heart.

We were missing a lot of our folks today, due (I guess) to Spring break in the local schools. But the attendance was strong, and so was the spirit, especially at 9:00. Just watching people enjoy getting together is a treat every Sunday for me. The joy is real and evident.

On Sunday nights I'm teaching a class on biblical church leadership. My "students" are fantastic!

Thanks to Kit for the amazing chocolate pound cake. The whole Lawrenson family is digging in.


ZazFamily said...

I don't know who Sam is, but am looking forward to the podcast. We baptized 5 today on the West coast.

Burnie said...

I just looked, the podcast is up! You'll enjoy it, Richard. Glad to hear about the 5 baptizms in Orange County.

Andy Lawrenson said...

Uhhh . . .The whole Lawrenson family?
Chocolate pound cake is my favorite!
Kit if you are out there. . . anywhere. . . . help a brother out.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Sabbatical has it's downside.