Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Flashback

I'm tired!

First, I didn't sleep well, knowing I had to get up early. So I woke up several times during the night, plus had a 3AM phone call. Left for church at 6:05 and was the first one there!

Then we had 3 Easter worship gatherings. 7, 9 and 11. We added the 7 o'clocker because with two last year we were overflowing. Today was more comfortable and never packed to the gills, even though attendance still was up from last year. It's always great on Easter to meet new friends.

What's also an interesting take is how at Easter and even throughout the summer we have so many people from out of town and from different church (or no church) backgrounds in attendance. Like today, it's the 11:00 crowd that is more subdued, and I think not quite sure what to make of us.

The choir and band were right on with "Praise the King" and "Overcome". I wish they were up there singing every Sunday. But then, when they do sing it's always a special treat.

My Easter message took a look at how through Jesus' resurrection we are overcomers. I used the examples of the disciples' fear, doubt and guilt and shame after the crucifixion and how they overcame those things to lead the newborn church.

Thanks to Surfside Plaza for giving us a satellite parking lot. And thanks to everyone who used it today, and to the guys who drove the van. The building and grounds looked great because a lot of people put in extra hours getting things spruced up.

The several I asked about how it went in the nursery today said (enthusiastically) "Good!". I know all our kids ministries were crowded, too.

Special props to the many who were there from 7:00 through the entire morning, especially some of our First Impressions team and our band. Volunteers are the heartbeat of ministry here.

Wherever you are in the world, I trust you were able to rejoice with us in the risen Christ! Happy Easter.


Nancy H. said...

Today was such a special day at church. I loved handing out bulletins today before church,and when we opened the doors at the end of church so many guests came up and chatted with me for a minute or two telling me how much they enjoyed NHC. I chatted with a family from Banner Elk, NC and another very sweet family from Washington DC who were here for the weekend. What a blessing today was!

Rebecca Meyers said...

It was WONDERFUL! What a great week of wonderful messages. I learned a lot that I didn't know before (as usual). Thanks to all who helped behind the scenes and those on the front line. The music was incredible. We got there early to be sure we could sit in front of the choir and it was incredible!!! Lots of energy in that room.