Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do you really think God cares?

I saw this comment on Facebook tonight during American Idol: "I'm praying for Adam to win".

Do you really think God cares who wins a TV competition? I mean, I'd like to think His favor and grace shines on the Redskins (especially when playing the Cowboys), but come on.

Could it be that someone who prays for something that trivial and totally non-spiritual (AI is purely entertainment, feeding a hunger for "idol" worship in American pop culture. Yeah, I suppose the same could be said for most everything in the entertainment world)...could it be that God is going to get involved with who wins and who loses? Are such prayers a waste of precious breath that could be praying for starving children, swine flu victims, lost sinners, confused pastors...whatever?

I wonder. Do you?

(BTW, Adam is still alive in the competition. Maybe there's something to that prayer?)


CFHusband said...

God clearly wants Danny to win, because he is a worship leader, and we all know that worship leaders are God's favorite people in the world.

Jeremy Keegan said...

I've been doing a lot of thinking about prayer recently. I thought about all the people who pray for things, and God doesn't answer the prayer (the way they want) and they conclude prayer doesn't work. I think it comes down to your definition of prayer. If you think prayer is something you do to get God to submit to your will and give you what you ask for, then NO, I don't think you'll find that prayer works. If you instead believe that prayer you submitting your will to God, then I think prayer DOES work. There are many verses of Scripture I need to study in order to fully hash this out still.
All that to say, I don't think God will necessarily answer the prayer of someone who wants their person to win American Idol. Because that's trying to get God to submit to your will.

Scott said...

I guess we all clearly know now He didn't want Matt to win :)

Rosi said...

Ok - I'll post my 2 cents worth (Why hasn't THAT gone up with inflation?) Of course, this is only my opinion, and that might not even be worth 2 cents.
I think God does care ....only to the degree of what would further His Kingdom. Is it possible to win AI and grow the Kingdom in the process? Will it bring others to Him? It's the hearts of those competeing that matters. If Danny or Kris (BOTH worship leaders, so God has two favorites, Nathan ;D ) were to win and it would compromise or destroy their walk then I don't think it's God's plan that they win. And that's all I have to say on that. :D

Larry & Sheila Colclasure said...

I have to say I find these responses very interesting. You must be doing some good teaching there, Pastor Rick!!!! Of course, you're a Liberty grad so what else would I expect.

When the Dallas Stars (hockey team) play I find myself praying that they would play their best and that no one would get hurt. Of course I always remind the Lord that if He wants them to win it would be fine with me :)

I like the post about "furthering His kingdom". Reminded of the recent Miss America pageant. Carrie Prejean lost b/c she stood for what she believed it. She lost the pageant, but she's certainly spreading the Gospel.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Hmmm. Sheila, only one response has been from anyone sitting under my teaching. So give no credit to their responses to me.

CFHusband said...

and, my response was the most theologically sound, so far...

Debs said...

We know that God hears all prayers; however He considers the source. For example - your child has been disobedient all day, he or she didn't pick up their toys when asked, was disrespectful, refused to eat their veggies, etc. Then they plead with you for just one cookie! please...pretty please?
In contrast, your generally obedient sweet child has been
ill and unable to eat. This child softly asks for a cookie.
Who gets the cookie?

See Job 36:11

DogsDontPurr said...

Well, I think that when someone says, "I'm praying that "such and so" will happen", they actually mean they are "hoping."

But still, I think praying for trivial things is a great way to keep connected to God. It's a conversation. And if we believe Him to be all powerful, beyond what we can fathom, he surely has the ability to have a conversation with *all* of us through prayer.

For a funny take on how God deals with all of our prayers, you should watch the movie "Bruce Almighty." It's a classic.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Good comments all.
But I think we've begun to stray from the question of the post to "Does God hear our prayers?".

To refocus, does God care who wins American Idol? Why? Why not?

Debs said...

We strayed because no one wants to say that God cares about American Idol!

On the one hand it must make Him very sad that we use the term Idol. So, I can see Him turning His face away from the whole thing.

On the other hand, God cares about each individual and has numbered the hairs on our heads; so He cares about us as we are involved in the things of the world. Even if the things are not good things, He doesn't withdraw His love. Even if a contestant does not reach out to God, He is still there waiting for them to do so. Or else, there would be no hope.

Does God care who wins American Idol? Yes.
Why? Because He cares about the person who wins… or losses.