Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Flashback

Today's message was about our first purpose in life: worshipping the God who created and loves us.

A couple videos today: one I got from taking a humorous look at worship to make us think about our own experience; the other a new commercial for Trunk or Treat that Nathan produced. Good job Sue and Elvis. You can see the video on Youtube.

The songs selected today went perfectly with the theme. Singing the "Revelation Song" after I read from Rev. 4 and 5 helped bring it into focus. During the offering we went without music and I asked everyone to use the 2-3 minutes to just worship God, expressing to Him why He is worthy. I think some had a hard time keeping focused, which happened to be the next point of the message.

In between gatherings I hung out alone on the balcony - a terribly neglected but fantastic place to chill. Up there I just sipped my coffee and listened to the roar of the folks below in the lobby enjoying some fellowship. That's so cool.

There was a huge difference between the two "congregations" today. High energy at 9:00. Very reserved at 11. It's kind of strange, and makes you wonder why. But I think (that's the best I can do) that the 11:00 gathering tends to attract those who by tradition go to church at 11. Those at 9 are a bit more out of the box. Just a guess. It will be interesting on Nov. 9 when we just have one gathering due to the OBX Marathon.

A very kind guest has written a blog post about his annual worship experiences with us. Hearing objective stuff is encouraging, and he shares about his own church, too.

Thanks for your continued prayers for Tricia. She goes back to Duke for another biopsy on Tuesday.

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