Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fair and Balanced Wardrobe

This morning while I was ironing a pair of pants to wear to church (which my wife vetoed) I turned on a news channel. There were two veteran newsMEN debating over Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

No kidding. And it wasn't HGTV.

I think that with the plethora of 24 hour news outlets they just must be running out of newsworthy topics. Or maybe America really cares where she bought her clothes?

If we do, we're in deeper trouble than I thought.


Bob said...

News is no longer news, my friend.

It never hit me until someone else made the connection of other campaign expenses.

What's the difference between spending the money on clothes or trying to make the venue for the nomination look like a Greek Coliseum?

Rick Lawrenson said...

Or how much a guy pays to get a haircut?

But I do think that "Main Street" or the "Middle Class" or "Joe Plumber" - whatever is the catch phrase of the day referring to everyday American - is turned off by what is seen as wasteful expenditures when they can't pay the rent.

Indeed, there is a disconnect between those who would govern and the majority of us.

Unknown said...

It's sad, really. I think if we're going to consider this scandalous, we should talk about how much money is going into advertising for both parties, and how much good that could do if pumped into vetted, worthy, responsible charitable organizations!

Since there is a very cynical website where you can shop til you drop based on what the Iraq war has cost... how about a similar site about what good you could do with all the money political campaigns have burned through in the last 24 months!!