Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Deja Vu all over again

Today marks the 9 month anniversary of Gwyneth's birth. After a check up yesterday at Duke, she's doing great! In the picture she was 1lb. 6 oz. Today she's over ten pounds and what a joy!

But Tricia is back in the very same ICU where she was on that day. Today, instead of being comatose, however, she is battling pneumonia.

Thanks for your prayers for them. We know very well that prayers have covered the past nine months and will continue to make a difference.
The song we sang Sunday, "Our God Reigns" - about His sovereignty - brings great comfort and hope.


Apple said...

I have literally been singing that song for two days now...and often think of Tricia when it pops into my head.

Our prayers are with her.

marcia said...

As I was reading this post, I heard Twila Paris come on the radio in the other room with "God Is In Control"! What are the chances the the CCM station I listen to all the time would pull out that oldie to play at this exact minute? God IS good, and he IS in control. I'm hanging on to that promise for Tricia today as I pray my heart out for her and for all of you in the family!

Agnes said...

"To God be the Glory, great things He hath done"!!

Michelle Jamie said...

This journey as been a long "glory of God" filled road!

Soli Deo Gloria

Karen said...

It still amazes me to see her tiny little self- Your family is always on my heart, and in my prayers. God's grace is sufficient, and the love you have for each other encourages me to love my own family better.