Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Flashback

Today's weather was absolutely picture perfect. Carolina blue sky, gentle breeze and temps between 60 and 70. October is the best time of year on the Outer Banks!

Burnie Staples, our pastor of missions, gave us a challenge this morning about what it means to be on the team. Using a couple of good sports analogies he reminded us that the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back. And then he applied 5 principles of teamwork to our strategy here at NHC. Great stuff, Burnie! If you missed it, look for it on our podcast page soon.

Our congregation is taking on more and more a local appearance as the out of town guests become fewer and fewer. It's this time of year that we ramp up the local ministry a bit more. And this weekend kicks off the highlight of the fall as we get pumped for 40 Days of Purpose.

Lots of donuts today! Lots of coffee and lots of brothers and sisters just spending time together before and after each gathering.

The MP 13 Band, the video "This is not This" about our current financial insecurities, and Taylor Edmonds (who is going to Rome for 2-3 years as a missionary) asking for our prayers made it an awesome worship day.

Then (and this really is icing on the cake) our pastors (and most of our wives) met for lunch with five who have requested to become partners with us at NHC. Thanks Hospitality Team for the lunch! And we look forward to welcoming our newest team mates soon!

But to top it all off, the Redskins beat the Eagles. Dallas last week. Philadelphia today. It can't get much better!

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Danny Harbert said...

As my wife and I are finishing up our 40 days of prayer, our prayers have been answered and she is pregnant for the 1st time at age 28. After many months of frustration and letdowns, we took our issues to the Lord and he has answered!!! It is amazing how committment and sacrafice for the Lord answers many questions that doctors, friends, and family can not. Ironically, I have been reading Psalm 40 during these 40 days of prayer. I think this is one of the best bible verses. I was called to it by a U2 song called 40 that was derived from this verse. We have been attending the church for a couple of months now after leaving another OBX church and we really love our experience at NHC. I coach baseball and basketball at Manteo High School and after hearing Pastor Burnie's sermon, we want to become part of the team. What a great church. Glory to God!