Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Flashback

"What if I really knew God?". Today those who hadn't yet found what they were searching for were challenged to put their faith in Christ. One young lady who has been coming, invited by her sister, did just that. We talked a little after about her learning what it means to have Christ as her Savior. She's very excited about the new life she has in Christ and that she's found our church.

It always wows me when unchurched people come to our worship gatherings and express how blown away they are by what we do. Many say they never realized church could be like that, and that they are definitely coming back. Each week I meet someone new just like that. It's pretty cool.

In both gatherings we did parent/child dedications. That's always a great witness and opportunity to share about the priority of family. One more to do next Sunday!

The MP 13 band was full today, and the music was outstanding. They introduced us to "Glorious One". What a great song! The message was followed up with a secular song that said, "He is everything you want; He is everything you need", pointing us all, whether we're Christ-followers or seekers to realize that Jesus is the answer. Then we sang "I Stand Amazed" as our benediction song and the place was full of song!

This afternoon Burnie taught a new class for us. "Developing My Leadership" is the first of our fledgling "Grad School" that follows up the five classes of NHCU. Especially great today was the leadership applications from the story of Moses and the twelve spies. Good stuff Burnie! Investing in leaders is something we value.

It's hard to believe that next Sunday starts the week that includes July 4. Wow. Summer is flying by.


ZazFamily said...

rick, did the "unusual" visitor from your monday post show up today??

Rick Lawrenson said...

If she did, she didn't identify herself! (Keep in mind we have 150 to 200 guests on a summer Sunday.)

Maya Resnikoff said...

What lovely timing for your class- in the Jewish yearly cycle, this last week's Torah reading was the section involving the spies- so for me, to hear you using that text was delightfully timely. It's very nice to think about our Christian neighbors using the same texts at about the same time, once in a while.

Andy Lawrenson said...

I thought yesterday's worship gatherings were awesome!

We had a bunch of young families yesterday. The nurseries a and PK rooms were full and overflowing.

Michelle Jamie said...

I haven't even gotten past the first paragraph....I'm so excited about that news of salvation!!