Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Flashback

It's the greatest feeling knowing that the pastor doesn't have to be there to "oversee", lead or even participate in every thing that happens at church. That happens when the church is equipped to do ministry and leaders rise to the occasion. More and more our church is living out what it means to be a team. I love it!

This morning I talked about adding "moral excellence" (2 Peter 1:5 NLT) to our faith and how Jesus set the standard we're striving to achieve in life. He dared go against the grain of His culture to demonstrate true goodness, and buck the trend of the religious legalists who controlled culture. Today, we're at the opposite end of the spectrum in our culture: rules are seen as unnecessary; live and let live. So moral goodness is fast becoming a thing of the past. We as Christ-followers have to buck that trend and swim upstream and look to Christ as our standard for living.

The music fit in so well with the message. Thanks Nate! It's going to be so great having you back. One guest told me afterward that our band sounded "almost professional". I understood what he meant.

Today was the first "hot" day we've had this year. Maybe summer is here for real?

A great group gathered later this afternoon to find out how to get involved in our Hukilau Surf Camps. This is our 9th year to use surf camps as an outreach to the youth of our community. Looks like a great team is being formed!

Tonight was our monthly Communion Fellowship. Thanks Burnie for leading us back to the cross. We heard some good testimonies of thankfulness, too. And as always, there was a great meal! Our fellowship team rocks! The youth group split a bit early to head out to Rita's for some fun and whatever stuff they serve there. (I haven't yet been, but I hear it's most excellent.) It was great to see some of the kids who attend our youth group come for our communion fellowship tonight.

Before we left our elders gathered with one of our couples who are both undergoing serious physical challenges. Their faith is humbling to me, and they asked us to meet with them and pray for them. What a privilege.


Andy Lawrenson said...

Mike and I put your sermon into application mode this afternoon. Before fixing the lights and setting up we went across the street and at Mulligans (eyes looking side to side) at the bar.
1. Got seats and meal quicker this way
2. God to watch college softball (they pitch really fast)
3. Got to be introduced as the youth pastor from across the street.
4. Got my diet coke filled quicker than sitting at a table.
5. Got to talk with Mike about church stuff. I would guess not the normal conversation at those seats.

Blessings From Above said...

Surf camps as an outreach to the youth of your community? Very cool idea!

Apple said...


Great sermon.

CFHusband said...

see you soon!

Unknown said...

Looks like your DIL is now the 2nd most famous Duke patient (I know she's outpatient now)

Rick Lawrenson said...

Are you saying to got God to watch a college softball game at a bar? Wow!

My guess is His favorite team won.

Tracy said...

I stumbled upon your son's blog last night and was amazed by their story of trust and faith in God. I would love to help them in some way. Living on a minister's salary, we aren't able to do much, but I feel compelled to help in some way. Please let me know where I can send money or gift cards to help your sweet family!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Hi Tracy,
Go to Tricia's blog site: and you'll see info about their Trust Fund.


Tracy said...

Thank you Rick. I did try to click on the link were there was more information buy my computer will not open the link. I think it has something to do with me having Windows Vista, but I am not sure. I would really love the information about the trust fund, maybe just an address to send it too! Thank you!!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Email me Tracy and I'll send you the info.