Monday, June 2, 2008

Get Set to Get Wet!

Sunday afternoon we had another baptism at NHC. Because we have no baptistry in our church facility we find other venues to celebrate the new life Christ gives. This year we've had baptisms in the pool at the YMCA, in the frigid Atlantic and in the warm and serene Roanoke Sound.

One of neat things at NHC is that we encourage dads to baptize their children who have become believers. So yesterday Dale baptized Emily and Juan baptized Dylan and Analyse. Steve and Brenda were also baptized and after dunking Steve, I assisted him in baptizing Brenda. Do you think those dads, kids and spouses will ever forget that moment?

A good crowd assembled to witness the public profession of these believers' faith. There's always lots of applause and hugs. Having out in a public place also invites others who happen to be there to stop and observe what we're doing.
We didn't hit 3,000 like the church's first ever baptism (Acts 2), but we nonetheless had a great time.


Andy Lawrenson said...

It was great. Next time lets follow it up with a cook out. :)

Apple said...

I seriously think that is one of my husband's favorite things about your church...he is so excited for the day when he gets to baptize his children!

Jane said...

YEAH GOD!!! I love to see folks going public with their walk with God! Dream never know when God is going to move and when we will see the church of Acts again! I pray for those days daily. Jesus is the ONLY program, politician, or job is the answer...just Jesus!

cool story.... we were camping with a group last summer (some of those camping were from Belarus too) There were three or four folks getting baptized at the lake we were camping on.... we got close enough to cheer them on, but not to offend them. They were all smiles as we were supporting their walk with Jesus.

CyndiAKADisneyqueen said...

I remember seeing my grandfather baptize in the river. Those pictures brought back fond memories. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Jamie said...

Baptism always has such an impact. I love the way you do it!