Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Flashback

Father's Day!

It's important to our vision and purpose at NHC to build up godly men. So today's message was a challenge to dads to be men who emulate the heavenly Father.

After two Sundays of an A/C unit malfunctioning our Kidmo room was plenty cool today. Let's hope the problem is fixed.

We added another row of chairs up front today and will keep it there for the summer. Unlike most locales, we grow in attendance during the summer months with vacationers. And they're such an appreciative crowd. I have to admit that I'm impressed with people who will seek out a church while away on vacation. That first visit to an unknown church has to be a gamble. So I tip my hat to them. And for us it's usually between 100 and 200 every Sunday!

Here's the outline of the message, "How to Be a Dad Who Rocks"
  • Give your children your time
  • Teach your children how to deal with life
  • Be unashamedly Christian through and through
  • Model patience before your kids
  • Love your children (it isn't just for moms)

The audio should be up on our podcast soon.

We welcomed 7 new partners to our fellowship today. Great to have you Chad, Jodi, Steve, Brenda, Cathy, Tina and Kit!

And I'm so thankful and proud of Mike, Barbara, Elaine, Ellen, Brenda, Greg and Cathy for giving your time to serve the firefighters at the Evans Road wildfire. They worked with NC Baptist Men's Disaster Relief team providing clean shower facilities, meals, laundry and whatever needed to be done. If I can manage it, I may slip off for a 24 hour shift later this week with a crew from Nags Head Fire and Rescue.

Tomorrow our youth leave for Student Life Camp at Wake Forest University. Student Life must be the premier youth camps across the nation. We'll be able to watch the Tues - Thurs night worship times live. Go to for the links.

Next Sunday we get back to the series "What If?" and "What If I Really Knew God?". There are also some parent/child dedications planned, including one I'm especially thankful for.


Barbara Kay said...

I shared your comments with my almost 87-year-old father today by phone. We both got choked up sharing the things he did as a father during my early childhood that fell right in line with the principles you talked about. We both knew that he was that kind of dad and that his actions translated into the best kind of love--the kind that lasts a lifetime. Mistakes made later in life have dulled in comparison and have long been forgiven. Thank you for encouraging me to say the words that touched his heart today.

Andy Lawrenson said...

Most excellent message!