Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Flashback

The effect of the economy on tourism here shows not only in the retail numbers, but we can see the difference in the numbers of vacationers at church. But while their numbers are down, their enthusiasm is not! Some of the best people I've ever met worship with us once a year when on vacation.

I still have to marvel at the occasional tourists who wait until our first song to get up and leave! Our greeters are very good at suggesting a church for them (if asked). But, come on...when you look on the stage and see a keyboard, electric guitars and drums it should give a clue we're not going to be old school in our music. Then, when they leave and even if they find a close church more to their liking, they walk in late to that service. All that to say, when you you go on vacation and want to go to church do your homework in advance!

NHC has the best Kids' church and nursery staff around. And the Kids' Zone volunteers look pretty sharp in their new team shirts.

Looked like lots of coffee was being consumed this morning. I had two cups myself. Thanks to our hospitality team for coming early and staying late every week.

Mike and his team were scrambling today both seating everyone and finding parking places. In a church where there are so many guests each week having a team dedicated to helping everyone find their way around is a necessity. I've been to churches as a visitor where no one welcomed me or gave me any direction at all. That's no fun!

The MP 13 Band sounds great with the third vocalist we usually don't have. I'm looking forward to hearing a sax with them sometime soon. "You are Welcome Here, mighty God" is an awesome opening song, setting the tone for the rest of the worship.

Matt, our intern has our podcast back in shape after some software problems. Thanks, Matt.

This week two of our missionary families arrive in town for extended stays. Welcome to the Glocks from France and the Bensons from Honduras.

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CFHusband said...

actually, I've been observing our numbers, and they are actually a little higher than June of last summer (about a 345 average). Now, it's true that our local numbers are up a bit, which means that our out of town numbers might be down a bit, but the difference isn't as great as I had thought it was...July will really be the telling marker, as 3 out of 4 Sundays last year were well over 400.