Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Today's been a long day, but like most, has been full of good things.

Nate put together a great video along with a cool new song, "Carry Me Away" that had references to God's waves and being carried "out to sea". It got a standing O at the end of the first gathering, celebrating the obedience and public profession of all those who were baptized last Sunday.

There was also applause when I mentioned that yesterday our volunteers finished about 75% of the framing for the new Kid Zone upstairs. When it's finished it won't be a day too soon. Again we had to turn away pre-schoolers from Lil' K because there just wasn't room.

Moses' story continues to fascinate me (if no one else!). Every week I continue to learn something new about God and this journey I'm on. I confess, until studying for today's talk I never realized that God stood on the Rock at Horeb before Moses struck it with his staff. Nor did I know that was the position of a servant that God took, a picture of Christ, who came to serve, not be served. And only after the Rock was struck did it gush life giving water. Again, like Christ, who had to be "struck" on the cross before the Holy Spirit could be freely given to all who believe. What an amazing God we have.

After the second gather our ministry team leaders met for lunch and some communication and strategizing. These volunteers pour a lot of time and effort into ministry at NHC, and are a fantastic team to serve with. Thanks to Nathan for leading today's meeting and for some very practical leadership tips and to our hospitality team for organizing the food.

It was my turn as a pastor to meet with our Parent Pod on the beach tonight during Contagious (our youth group). We talked about purpose - helping their kids find their's and the purpose of being the parents of adolescents. Great group!

Topping off the day Gail and I had dinner with some pastor friends and their wives at Outback. Good fellowship, lots of laughs and sharing some hard-learned lessons.

Now we're watching the ending of "Lonesome Dove" on AMC. Great saga of what it means to have vision.

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