Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Idol Worship

In America we aren't superstitious or religious like many other, especially 3rd World countries where you can find statues and likenesses of gods in temples and churches or along the roads in shrines engraved into the sides of mountains. In America we're far too cultured and secular. In America we're Christians...well most of us claim to be.

So you won't find us worshipping idols; bowing down to them. We're far too sophisticated.

Until one of them dies. Then our true religion comes to the forefront and it seems we can't get enough.


GinnyBerry said...

I'm so glad that you posted about this. I briefly listened to this evenings news as I visited with my father who is now mostly confined to bed. The plans for the funeral have gotten absurd, and I have resolved not to turn on my T.V. on whatever day it is.. (I think they said Tuesday.)

Idolatry is exactly what this is, and people are almost set to worship. Thank you for identifying the feeling that I got in my gut as I listened to the news about the plans.

Instead of watching TV I should do something that would be honoring God, not this man.

Vivian said...

good post...and so true. I pray many read this and "get it"

Megan and Company said...

No kidding! Imagine if we celebrated each soldier killed in war with the same fervor or if every person's death caused by drunk driving got the same attention.