Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Flashback

One of the purposes of our church is missions - taking the message and love of Christ to those who don't yet knowing Him. Many have never heard who Christ is; and many who have heard have never seen anyone demonstrate that Gospel in tangible ways.

Purposes need to be taught and often, keeping them fresh in our hearts and minds. So today we zeroed in on missions. Our music was about living the Gospel from the inside out in real ways. And our message was delivered in the form of an interview with Matt and Sylvie Glock, part of our global team in France.

We've used this method of for a while now, whenever our missionaries come "home" to spend time with us. Matt and Sylvie are part of our church family, and well known by our flock. Yet, with the growth we've had, many had not met or heard from them since their last visit 2 years ago. They shared their calling and how God has been working through them in the two churches with whom they serve. Thanks Matt and Sylvie for what you do and the excellence with how you do it.

We had lots of glitches in the first gathering, starting with me turning the order of things upside down (unintentionally!), and then a couple of software crashes with our video. Sometimes that happens! But fortunately it's rare.

At 9:00 the Pam and Juan Johnson dedicated themselves and their 3 new children from Ethiopia, Zoe, Davis and Justin to the Lord. What a great picture of the Spirit of adoption that makes it possible for us to be His children. God bless the Johnsons and all 7 of their adopted children. We'll miss them as they move away to VA soon.

Big summer crowds continue, but this year we're seeing less out of town vacationers and more locals seeking and checking us out. Another full house twice this morning, and that always adds more energy, especially in the singing.

Chris gave way this morning on the drums to his son Alex. He didn't fall far from the tree! Great job. And thanks to our intern Matt for more than ably filling in on the bass.

What? Only one infant in the nursery at 9:00!! Then at 11 they were slammed! Oh well. Our nursery team rocks. And today there were some new staff in there, which is always encouraging.

Did it seem to anyone else that we're becoming the church of choice of Dare Co. EMS and Sheriff's Depts? Welcome to all of you who are coming.

BTW, we had our first inspection on our new construction Friday. It went well. Before we know it, our new Kid's Zone will open up, creating lots more space for childrens' ministries.

This afternoon I took "Discovering My Ministry", one of five classes we offer in NHCU. It's part of our strategy for developing disciples. I took the class years ago, and got in today as a refresher. Everyone needs refreshing! Great class; great job teaching from our Ministries Pastor Tom Lee.

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Mike H said...

Thanks pastor for taking the time to write the "Sunday Flashback" portion of your blog. I really enjoy reading them.
Mike H