Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Botts' Dots. Ever hear of them? You likely have if you live in California or were present in on of Nags Head Church's two worship gatherings Sunday.

Yesterday we moved in The Journey - Start to Finish (a series on the life of Moses) with a look at God giving His people the Law. In thundering out the Ten Commandments God established clear boundaries, which we all need, to help us stay in the right lane on the journey of life.

From more than one person I heard something like this yesterday: "I've never seen so many cars parked so far down the road!". It was super crowded. But I'll confess, I still am perplexed why so many people who come to church pull into the parking lot 5 minutes or less before the start of the gathering. But it's probably not really that perplexing. It seems in most churches (and the vast majority of those who come in late are guests) fellowship is the least of their priorities when meeting with the church.

Yet fellowship is one of the primary purposes for being part of God's family. So my encouragement to everyone is "Get there early!". Spend some time with others in the family. Practice for eternity! And the added benefit (at least at NHC) is that you'll find a closer parking place and get to choose where you'll sit.

A 74 year old first time guest made it a point to seek me out after church. I could tell this guy was full of joy. He made it known that our worship gathering was quite different from his home church, but with a smile said, "This was cool!" He then revealed that he fully understood why we're reaching young people at NHC. Rock on, dude!

Andy told me that Lil' K (our pre-school worship gathering) filled up quicker than ever Sunday and many had to be turned away. That's good news/bad news depending on how you see the glass. But there's hope coming soon. This week we'll get our rough-in inspection and be able to sheet rock the walls upstairs. God willing (and the funds come in) we'll be occupying our new Kid's Zone by Labor Day weekend.

Once again our Volunteers showed the meaning of Paul's words about the church in Ephesians 4 when he wrote that in the church it is necessary for everyone to do their part. When a church of 200 partners ministers on Sundays to 600+ it only happens because our volunteers get it. Service is the heartbeat of Christianity.

After church and lunch with the Staples, Nathan and Gwyneth I went to The Outer Banks Bear Factory and did some Christmas shopping for my two granddaughters. Then after a quick visit to the fire house to see Tom Watson fizzle I was back at NHC for Burnie's "Discovering My Mission" class. Good stuff!! And a great bunch of "students", too.

Finally the long day was capped with the wedding of one of our missionaries and a reception cruise in the sound. Congrats to Emily and Camas! A most beautiful waterfont wedding.

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