Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Flashback

A picture perfect weather day on the OBX, with the exception of a still strong NE breeze keeping the ocean stirred up. But we had a back up plan for our baptism today and went to the sound instead. Five believers in Jesus proclaimed their new life by rising from a watery "grave". It's always a great moment of celebration for NHC.

Nathan is in recovery from his surgery on Monday so the MP 13 carried on superbly without his leadership. It was good to see him attending at 9:00. They're quite the capable team. The songs focused on being in Christ and His glorious presence, which is where the message from Exodus 33 took us.

Although we've been telling Moses' story now for 24 weeks, each new step in his journey brings us fresh insights into our own. Today was about staying as close as possible to God. That's where He wants us to be. But, as Israel learned, disobedience can remove us from that place.

The Kidmo kids got into it in the room behind us, especially at the 9:00 Gathering. I could see the looks on guests' faces as they wondered why the kids were screaming so loud! In the next few weeks they should be moving into the new Kids Zone upstairs and I know they can't wait.

After the baptism I had lunch with Gail, who is up in the air somewhere between here and Las Vegas. She says she's going to a wedding convention. Then Gwyneth came over to play for the afternoon with her dad and later her mom. We watched the Redskins win a pretty boring game and the Steelers lose a good one to da Bears. Pizza courtesy of Papa Johns.

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