Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm at the age when reunions are in vogue. You know, before the memory totally fades away it is good to come back together with friends from those "thrilling days of yesteryear". (5 points to the old timer who can pinpoint the origin of that quote.) We're literally coming from around the world.

This week I'm converging with a couple hundred others who together were pioneers in a fledgling college and were trailblazing an innovative major in church related ministry. Most of us haven't been together for over 30 years. But it is very much a special group. The ties that bind are still strong.

My guess is they're all old. But knowing this group, they'll still be a lot of fun. You have to be partly insane to want to work with adolescents. For some I'm sure the flame still burns brightly. For others maybe not.

So we'll stay up way past our bedtimes reminiscing about those good old days, showing off pics of our kids and grandkids and wondering how the time has flown by so quickly. Then before we know it we'll be back to reality.

But escaping, even for a brief time will be good.


ladybug said...

It comes from a man named Fred Foy who was a radio announcer back in the 40's. I know I am not old enough to remember him but the internet is a wonderful tool and I really wanted the 5 points.

Rick Lawrenson said...

OK ladybug. Now tell me what radio show made that phrase famous? And you'll get extra credit.

Andy Lawrenson said...

Oh, I thought maybe it was Bruce Springsteen

ladybug said...

ummm The Lone Ranger?

Rick Lawrenson said...

Ladybug is just too sharp!