Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Flashback

This was one of those long Sundays, but a whole lot of fun.

It began in earnest with our two worship gatherings. A holiday weekend on the Outer Banks means extra guests with us at church. Several came up to talk after the gatherings to let me know how much they appreciate the ministry and worship and spirit of the church. That's always an encouragement!

Mike and Tina H. were MIA today due to sickness in the family. They both are big time volunteer leaders in our Kids and First Impressions teams. But they're such good leaders that their absence, although noticed, didn't cause a hiccup as far as I could see. That's one sign of solid leadership. The troops can carry on when you're down.

I tried my best today to condense the Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant into one Sunday message. My purpose wasn't to get into the details, although that's an incredibly rich study, but to put a handle on worship. Here were my main points:
1. God's Desire is to Dwell Among His People
2. Worship Begins with Sacrifice
3. The Design for Worship Belongs to God

Then I made several practical and contemporary applications. After all, we don't have a Tabernacle or an Ark. We don't have a pillar of smoke or fire or altars and animal sacrifices.
1. If my life's activities are a wheel, worship is the hub.
2. Worship always takes me into the presence of God.
3. Jesus Christ is the only one worthy of my worship.
4. God's dwelling place is me!

God gave us perfect weather today for a church picnic. It was a huge turnout with amazing food and fellowship and fun. Lots of children. Corn Hole, kickball, soccer, football, horsehoes and farkle were being played. It gave me the opportunity to meet some new folks who have been attending our church.

And I have to say it: Nathan and I were undefeated as a team today in horseshoes. They tried, but couldn't quite defeat us! Better luck next year!!


Nancy H. said...

Church and the picnic was exceptional today!

CFHusband said...

what a great day! I did feel a little bad about whipping my father-in-law in horseshoes...