Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Today was the final day of a 4 day reunion I've been attending at my alma mater. Some 300 of us who were involved in youth ministry during our college years from 1971 to 1980 gathered for the first time since then. It was enriching in many ways, relationally and spiritually renewing.

Part of the reunion involved attending the worship service at Thomas Road Baptist Church. About 100 of the group had rehearsed an old song they were requested to sing and did an amazing job with it. Our leader, Gordon Luff led the "choir" and had to be about to explode with emotion. TRBC has indeed come a long way since I last attended there in 1977. Their new pastor, Jonathan Falwell is doing a great job.

After that service my friend Richard from CA and I grabbed breakfast then went to worship at Blue Ridge Community Church, which is where my brother Scott and his family are partners. Scott was playing in the band today and I've been wanting to sit in on this cutting edge church. The whole experience was great.

After hanging out with Scott and Julie in their home for a while we hit a local Mexican restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. Then back to the LU campus to pick up a couple of things for my granddaughters.

Word is that things back home went so well that I should take another week off. Sounds great to me!!

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robin schmitt said...

The reunion was amazing and so was the opportunity to sing with everyone and be led by Gordon Luff at TRBC yesterday morning. What an incredible blessing to be a part of that special weekend! We look forward to being at NHC and hearing you preach this Sunday. Study hard. We'll be listening closely. :)