Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yesterday and today our church hosted a regional prayer conference sponsored by our state convention. About 100 people from the eastern part of NC and at least one from VA attended the conference.

The conference went really well. Several times I was told NHC was a great host. The reason why those comments were made is because of the volunteers from our church who made it happen. There was an advance housekeeping team who came in and cleaned the building prior to the conference and a follow up housekeeping team who got it clean again for Sunday. There was a team who came in Thursday night and set up the tables and chairs in the auditorium and a team who came in after the conference and reset the auditorium for worship tomorrow. There was a hospitality team who made sure the food and beverages were always on hand. And there were volunteers who helped with the conference registration. Our band was there Friday night and Saturday morning to lead worship. One of our youth ran the video tech table.

We also got some volunteer help from Ocean View and Kitty Hawk Baptist churches! Thanks for wanting to be a part.

My hat's off to those who serve the body because they know the Christian value of service. I never heard a complaint. Smiles were abundant. And it made a difference for our guests. The body of Christ was well served by you all.


Roxanne said...

The youth you mentioned is the newest member of our tech team. When I told him last Sunday I had heard he was manning the tech table for the prayer conference, he said, "Yes! As soon as I got Nathan's email that he needed someone, I jumped on it before anyone else could!"
That's what it feels like when someone is serving in the area they are shaped for and passionate about. Nick gets it!

Andy Lawrenson said...

Rock on NHC! A servant's heart, as we learn from Christ, is a servant with the willingness to serve in whatever way God asks of him or her.

The hospitality team did an excellent job on the snacks (I know because I'm a professional eater).

The building was looking real good, I love it when they us the stainless steel cleaner on the doors.

The tables and chairs were set up most excellently and I think for many attending this conference it was the first time they had worshipped at round tables in comfy chairs.

The band did great as usual although they were missing their percussionist and guitar player. The sound was probably the best it has ever been ;)