Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm going to be sore before I'm better

The past several years I've been adamant about getting to the Y two or three times a week to play racquetball. It's been great exercise, and for someone with a "sedentary" kind of job, and who is past 50, it has been great. I always felt better, was in relatively good shape and kept the pounds off.

Then in January our family turned it's attention to more pressing matters, and because I couldn't commit to regular times at the Y, I canceled my membership and stopped playing. Actually I stopped exercising altogether.

This morning I renewed my membership. Soon I'll be back on the court and for a while suffering due to using dormant muscles. But I look forward to feeling better and my pants not fitting so tight.

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robin schmitt said...

Good for you, Rick, and good for your family. I know they want to have you around and healthy for a very long time.