Sunday, August 12, 2007

Only one shot

It's mid-August, which for our church means the summer season is drawing to a close. I guess it means that to everyone! But for a church like ours, located in a resort community, the summer gets crazy as our attendance nearly doubles each Sunday, (sending our ministry staff - all the folks who work so hard every week teaching, leading, greeting, serving into overdrive), getting to this part of the summer is encouraging. Soon we'll be able to catch our collective breaths a bit.

Each week I get to hear and read comments from our guests who come from all over the country. Being our first summer in our new building has brought so many very positive reactions. And they have so many kind things to say about our worship gatherings, especially our music. But what's most gratifying is when one comes up to me (and this is repeated every week) and says, "Today was life-changing for me".

We have a unique opportunity here to touch so many lives of folks who will leave here in a few days and go back to PA, MD, VA, NJ and other places with new life or a renewed commitment to follow Christ. We just get this one shot, and I'm so humbled to serve with a team that knows that one shot has to be our best for their sakes and God's glory.

This church rocks!


Paul J. said...

Sounds like your church rules. Can't wait to visit one day...

Rick Lawrenson said...

And the devil is fighting tooth and nail to disrupt it! But that's a good sign, isn't it?