Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane...only slower

It's been a strange day...

Very early I made a gaff with my email and lost all my files. So I emailed technical support and within minutes (at 4:30AM!) the phone rang. It was the support guy from the other side of the world. "Is this a bad time?"

He got my email back up, but because I didn't know key info (like password and server info) it wasn't yet functioning. That I would take care of later in the day with the help of genius friends. Thanks for the bowl of chili while we tried to get it straight.

Back to bed at 5:15 and up again at 7:00 I got ready to drive to VA Beach (100 minutes each way) to see my dermatologist. The last visit's biopsies revealed a couple of non-melanoma cancers, and he got to pull out his scalpel and scissors again. He even decided to biopsy one more suspicious spot. Have you ever heard someone cutting your skin with scissors? Trust me, I don't look.

So I'm stitched and bandaged in three places. And I get to go back again in two weeks!! Playing out in the sun as a kid is way overrated. Burn baby burn.

And the weather...The wind and rain made it extra miserable. The only thing that could have made the storm more miserable would have been temps in the 30's. At least it's still warm.

It's after 6PM now. I've been getting some work done, but the eyes are telling me I'm soon down for the count.

The only thing that could complete this day would be for my pager to go off. At 11 tonight.


My2Girls said...

Rick -

Hi there! Amy from Va Beach here. Okay, so I totally CANNOT relate to the skin issues and the dermatologist issue. However, I CAN totally relate to your experience with the miserable rain and wind. I live and work in Va Beach, so I have been dealing with the nasty wind and rain ALL DAY from this dreadful coastal storm. I live close to the oceanfront, and as I sit here and type this, the winds are still whipping and the rain continues to pound on the street outside. When I arrived home from work this afternoon, my front yard looked like a lake.

We were in Avon, NC last week for a mini FALL vacation. How are things there currently on Hatteras Island? I'm thinking we are glad we were there LAST week as opposed to THIS week. Huh?

Hope you recover well from your visit with the dermatologist.

Va Beach

Rick Lawrenson said...

Hatteras got their normal flooding on NC 12. But I haven't heard of anything major in damage anywhere yet.

School was out yesterday, which means they have to go Saturday!

Nancy said...

Being a derm nurse I can relate to all your skin issues and I am glad that you see your dermatologist! With that being said I am going to remind everyone to ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN(even if it is not sunny outside).

My2Girls said...

WOW! Seriously? School on Saturday? Dude, not good!!!

As a Va Beach City Public School employee, I have to say that I would NOT be a happy camper to have to go to school on a Saturday. Bummer!

Michelle Jamie said...

A friend of mine has just discovered she had cancer spots (had because they've been removed) in two months she's going back for a full head to toe.