Friday, September 5, 2008

How coach Lew Johnston got his groove back

In yesterday's Virginina Pilot this story was on the cover of the Hampton Roads section. It's about a very close friend.

Lew shared this story with me over lunch in July while he was down on vacation. We've been friends since the football season of 1985 - his first season as head coach - when he asked a young youth pastor to serve as the team's chaplain. It was an experience that shaped not only Lew and I, but a number of young men.

After a year of retirement, Lew's back at it. He knows why God has him on this earth. And knowing that brings him great fulfillment and purpose.


Barbara Kay said...

I stopped taking the paper some time ago, so I would have missed this inspirational story of living in God's will for your life. Thanks for sharing.

MilePost13 said...

Good article!

Bill said...

I know exactly how he feels, thanks!!