Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dr. Slice/Dice and Freeze

Today I have a long overdue visit with my dermatologist.

I'll come home with incisions, stitches and scabs, I'm sure and the fun of waiting to hear from more biopsies.

Wear your sun screen!


Terry Gray Sr. said...

I am so glad I had chance to read your post before my 15 minutes of 40days this am. I hope you don't mind I included you on my list this morning. And true to your form........I ran over about 10 minutes.

Prayers for a "easy" visit

Tammy C said...

My mom died of malignment melaonoma when she was 41,needless to say I have had many things sliced and diced.So far no cancer just a couple times pre-cancer cells were removed.I hope all is good for you.You need to be around to see your granddaughter grow up!

~j~ said...

I work for a dermatologist and I have to say I have never heard that tag before! And yep, that's what we do! Scrape the ol barnacles too! :)