Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's a young man's game

My neck and back are sore. It's a Tylenol PM night for me.

Today I did a little (and I mean little) framing job at my son's house. It meant buying a couple of sheets of plywood and carrying them from my truck to the back of his house; framing the ceiling for a closet; using a drill to put up some wall board; a little painting...

I used to do this stuff every day all day. Could swing that 22 ouncer from 7 to 5. That was 20 years ago. No more. Now I can barely see the nail to hit it.

But the good thing is that I convinced myself I needed a new saw. It's sweet.

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marcia said... husband sooo could have written this!! :):)
I'm sure Nate appreciated the help!