Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Flashback

It was a great Sunday for lots of reasons. But I want to share one story from yesterday.

After one of the gatherings I was introduced to Butch. He's a young man from Ohio who is "special" in many ways. I wish we could keep him here.

Butch couldn't wait to tell me about his church, Hudson Community Chapel, and Pastor Joe. Obviously he is in love with the family of believers of which I suspect he is an intgral part. He gave me some printed info on the church; he told me when they meet for worship and let me know that Pastor Joe's sermons can be heard online in case I needed some help! (I love transparent people!)

I'll tell you this: If I lived in Hudson, OH, and met Butch on the street somewhere I would have to check out his church. It brought him (and me) great joy to tell me about what is so important in his life.

The truth, however is that in many environments Butch might not be taken very seriously. In a lot of places Butch might be overlooked because of some of his challenges. Some people might not think Butch has much to offer. There are some in our country who would even imply that perhaps Butch shouldn't have been born.

But I wish I could bottle what Butch has and give it away to everyone in our congregation. Why is it that so many of us with less difficulties find it almost foreign to share our joy and faith and exuberance with others without fear of rejection or failure? How can we possess all that comes with the salvation package yet not be overflowing with it?

I know the answer. It's because we are still wrapped up in ourselves. We're more motivated by what others think about us than what Jesus thinks. We think we're not qualified to share our story. We're full of excuses, aren't we?

Thanks Butch for being free to tell. How I wish that I could capture a little of what you have, for you have so very much. And great things are ahead in your future. What an ambassador you are!


Mel said...

yes, but the question is how do we get unwrapped from ourselves. I just keep asking God to show me.

Terry Gray Sr. said...

Not sure if this the right place for this post or not, but I have to express my thoughts and I feel this is as good a place as any.

I am so thankful that I have been allowed to visit and worship at NHC. Although my Wife and children are members, I am not. However I have been made to feel welcome by all. I got a phone call from a member of NHC the other day, just checking up on me as I wait for the upcoming medical procedure I have to do come around. How great is that?

As the conversation ended, he asked, Are you coming to Church Sunday? I told him yes, he replied good see you then.

I did not tell him I would not miss it for anything, or the fact that I can't wait for
Sunday to get here, but I thought it!

Thanks NHC members for letting me share with you.