Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Not that it can be explained, but in recent weeks the "momentum" (don't know what else to call it) has swung from the 9:00 gathering to the 11:00 one. That's not a negative thing at all, but it is interesting. The energy level and attendance has become higher at the second worship gathering. I don't have a clue. But it is interesting.

There were lots of locals checking us out today for the first time. I enjoy meeting them and finding out who they are and where they live, etc. The growth is a natural part of being healthy as a church. And even though we intentionally work at being a healthy church, the growth still amazes me.

After Doug Whitley's portrayal last Sunday of Moses' life got us started, tody's message started with the events pior to and around his birth. Moses' story began as the son of slaves who was marked for death before his life even began. but because of a mother who was willing to take a huge risk, his journey went beyond infancy. It's easy to use our beginnings or our heritage as excuses for our "issues". But the great thing about God and His plan for my life is that our past doesn't have to determine our future if we turn it over to God. It's the journey and how we finish that matters.

A young local artist, Amber, is providing paintings depicting scenes from Moses' life that will be displayed during the series. She's doing a superb job. Thanks Amber!

A video highlighted one of our newest ministry teams, "The Sonshine Team" whose focus is caring for those who may be unable to do things most of us take for granted, especially the elderly.

And today marked eighteen years that I've been a part of Nags Head Church. I'm thankful to God for the opportunity to get in on what He has done and continues to do here.


Paul and Christy said...

Praise God for growth, momentum, 18 years and many more. Your a blessing. Thanks for listening to the Lord.

marie said...

I was wondering who did the painting that was up on the was very cool! Will there be prints that we might purchase?
Thanks Amber!

CFHusband said...

Marie...I think, at the end of the series, when all of the pieces have been painted (yes, look for more), we might do something for people who want them. I'd also love to get Amber to hang out one Sunday near the end of the series for people to meet her and tell her how sweet her art is.

marie said...

Nathan - I was hoping that there would be more paintings...I was already looking forward to seeing what Amber would do for next week. Terrific!

CFHusband said...

they won't be every week...that would be a lot of paintings, apparently.