Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Flashback

Today was one of those Sundays when I get to sit out in the crowd and enjoy hearing someone else speak God's Word. Our guest today was Moses. And what a story he had to tell. And twice to appreciative and full gatherings.

Actually, our guest speaker was Doug Whitley, a talented Christian actor who portrays great preachers of the past as well as biblical characters. He appeared today to help us kick off my new series. Great job, Doug!

From the sounds I'm hearing every Sunday, our elementary kids in Kidmo are having a blast! It's awesome to be in a church where the kids love coming. Our jr. wave riders team is the best.

Today was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. To honor those who have had life chosen for them and those who have loved them, we invited anyone who either has been adopted or is an adoptive parent to come up for a group photo. We have lots of adoptive families in our church. I'll show the picture soon. It will be worth way more than a thousand words.

Andy asked me to speak to the youth tonight at Contagious. It's been a while since I spoke to such a young audience. On top of that, the topic I was assigned was pretty deep: imputed and imparted righteousness. I'm not kidding. But with such an intelligent audience it was a piece of cake! And it was good to see AJ there tonight after her surgery just a few days ago.

After my part of youth was done I hurried over to Manteo to catch Doug appearing there as "Uncle Bud" Robinson. He's one of my favorites, and his life story is powerful. You can catch it here on Youtube.


Michelle Jamie said...

I enjoyed watching some of Doug Whitley's video. Thanks for the connection.

Isn't it great when the young people plugged into a stable church can grasp the truths of theology so well.

BrunetteKoala said...

Can you explain what 'sanctity of life' sunday is it a national thing or an NC thing or a church thing...

(Never heard of it before!)

Rick said...

For info on the Sanctity of Life, check the link I provided. It will take you to a statement from the White House.