Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Say "Thanks" to a Veteran for his/her service

Saturday I was at our local nursing home and engaged in a conversation with Harold, a veteran of World War II. He served in the Army Air Corps, the predecessor to the US Air Force.

As we talked, because of his age and physical limitations he was somewhat slumped over in his wheel chair. But when I said, "Thank you for your service to our country", he looked up at me and replied, "Thank you".

Whenever I meet a veteran I try to say those words. Their willingness to put on the uniform of the United States is not taken lightly in my view. And just thanking them always brings a smile to their faces if not a look of surprise. Apparently they don't hear it often.

Two days loom large this week. The first is Wednesday, November 10 and the Marine Corps' Birthday - the oldest military force in our country. Semper Fi!

The second, of course, is Thursday, November 11, Veterans Day. Memorial Day in May is when we remember those who died for our country. This one is to say "Thanks" to those who served in uniform and lived to tell about it.

So express your gratitude to a Veteran this week. Make their day. Fly the flag.

And if you can, get out to a Veterans Day ceremony in your town. Take the kids. Teach them appreciation for our flag and how to stand and place their hands over their hearts as the Star Spangled Banner is sung and the Pledge of Allegiance is proudly recited.

Freedom isn't free. Thanks to all our Veterans for your service. And we pray for those in active duty service today, especially those on foreign soil.

God bless you.

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ZazFamily said...

Pastor Brian and I went to lunch at Chili's on Veterans Day. There was a SR. gentleman with his daughter, he had a ww2 veterans hat on. I thanked him for his service to our country, and it brought tears to his etes, and big smile to his face, and his daughter smiled proudly. Thanks for the challenge.