Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Everything Rises and Falls

Watching the American political scene, especially the last 10 months has reaffirmed the maxim that "everything rises and falls on leadership" in my mind.

Leaders set the tone and the pace. They say, "Follow me", and whether it's to utopia or the blind are leading the blind, the destination and course of the journey rides on their vision or lack of it.

They also lead by example. People follow what they see more than what they hear.

I don't envy political/governmental leaders - not at the national level - not at the local level. They have to try to please everyone and that's just plain impossible. If you ever hear that I'm considering running for anything, even dog catcher, please break out the two-by-four.

But I am a leader, not by choice or by election but by calling. And I have to wonder, especially when those I lead are straying from the flock, or ignoring the warnings from the shepherd that there are predators nearby, how responsible am I for their wandering? Did I do my job? Did I stumble or fail to act because of fear?

It weighs heavy on my heart. Some days more so than others.

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Brenda said...

Sheep are dumb, Rick. We are prime targets for Satan to use because not too many of us understand, or have been taught, that protecting us is the pastor's responsibility, not his attempt to control us. I speak from experience, and I now value the protection and care that you pastors show me. Please keep doing what you do, despite having every reason to be discouraged at times.