Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Flashback

I'm on vacation this week (at home), and after finishing a long series last Sunday I am taking a couple Sundays off from my preaching duties. So this morning's worship gatherings were a great time to just worship!

Andy brought a message about the importance of not being ignorant of the strategies Satan uses to defeat believers in Christ. In the past when Andy has done the teaching we've usually finished early. Not today! Both gatherings went a bit "over time". I feel vindicated!

Great worship music was provided again by the Milepost 13 Band. They introduced a new song today, "To Know Your Name" that was most excellent. One thing I appreciate about Nathan's leadership is the great new music he's able to find and bring to us.

After the second gathering we had lunch (provided by our hospitality team) with a group ready to take the plunge and join us. That's always an exciting time to meet with them and hear their faith stories. And next Sunday several will obey Christ's command and be baptized, publicly announcing their life-changing faith.

Tonight was our annual church conference when we come together to adopt a budget for the coming year. Our budget is a reflection of the vision God has given us for ministry and outreach. What a great meeting! In the midst of this recession God has shown Himself to be more than faithful to us. So we're trusting God for even greater things.

No doubt the best thing I experienced today was meeting a young Muslim man from the middle east who has been reading and studying the Bible for the past two years. He has become convinced Jesus is the Son of God and the way to the Father, and while visiting American friends here, wants to go public with his faith through baptism. He shared with us that if he did this in his home country he would be killed. I'm humbled just to hear his story and the joy he has in knowing Jesus.

In many ways this has been a trying week as we trudge through life. But God continues to show us that even through all the junk we sometimes must deal with, He can give perfect peace and do amazing things.

He's also giving us great opportunities to share with some in our community who are struggling with meals provided by our church and The Black Pelican.

If you're on the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving please join us Wednesday night for an evening of Thanksgiving Worship at 7PM.

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