Friday, October 9, 2009

What's Geography Got to Do With It?

This morning I enjoyed 3 games of racquetball. Played doubles with 3 guys I've played with before. It was a good workout.

One of the guys has been careful in the past to curtail his language when we've played. It's not been something I've requested. But I think he has just tried to be "respectful". Until today!

After a while I said (with a smile), "Man, if words beginning with the letters "S" and "F" were removed from your vocabulary you'd be a mute!"

His response? "I can't help it. I'm from Jersey." I have to add, I've heard that same line before from others.

I happen to know some folks from New Jersey who aren't potty mouthed and rude. So someone help me understand why your home state gives you license to be offensive.

Maybe it's too much time on the Turnpike?

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Laura Anne said...

As a bit of a potty mouth myself, I do know what this guy means (maybe).

and for the record I don't think it is an EXCUSE.

But I grew up in an area of Edinburgh where there was a fair bit of social deprivation, and it was perfectly normal to be cursing and swearing in primary (elementary) school. When you grow up surrounded in a particular language, it often becomes part of our own language.

Just as some of my friends in the States use words like 'Dang' 'pumped' and so on. I use 'Aye' 'Pure mental' and other such phrases commonly used amongst the Scots.

Unfortunately though there are plenty people who aren't potty mouths in Scotland, a lot more probably are!

As a consequence now, I still when I'm angry or frustrated turn into a bit of a potty mouth. And I DO try to not be. But I guess when emotions spill over, we don't have the same control over thinking before we speak. Often I don't realise I'm doing it. Something me and God are working on. :)