Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Flashback

It's one of those absolutely perfect days in October on the Outer Banks. But it began with a great morning at Nags Head Church. And the 9AM crowd woke up!

Dale Hamilton is back from a year in Iraq! We're glad to have him home. Mark and Sue Burns came home for a quick visit from FL. We really do miss them. And there were 4 young Chinese students in church visiting friends from NHC they met last year in China in a student exchange.

It was great to have Nathan healthy and back up leading the band and worship today. We're so spoiled with the quality of the musicians God has brought here. But it's not just that they're good, they lead us as they worship. And that's the difference between performers and worshipers.

Two videos were used today. One to promote Trunk or Treat. Last year's event drew some 2000 kids and parents to our facility. The second I used at the start of my message "Nip it in the Bud", about negative criticism. Both are up on Youtube.

I saw some faces this morning I haven't seen in church in a long time. That's always a positive thing. God is indeed into second chances, as we saw this morning in Numbers 11.

We're getting so close to finishing the new Kids Zone upstairs. This last week the carpet was installed, some base trim and door trim installed and the shower tiled. This week we hope the lights come in. The plumber can install the fixttures; the HVAC guys wrap it up and the foyer floor tiled. Our hope is to give tours to visiting families at our annual Trunk or Treat on the 31st. The kids are going to love it up there. And we'll get to use our admin area for what it was intended.


CFHusband said...

"And we'll get to use our admin area for what it was intended."

The band's Green Room!!!

Barbara Kay said...

The tonsillectomy sure didn't tone down Nathan's rockin' voice! Praise God!