Monday, May 28, 2007

Sacrifice, freedom and fun

It's a holiday today. The "office" is closed. I could be sleeping in, but at 5:30 I was wide awake, so I'm up. It's part of growing old, I guess.

I'll be participating in a couple of Memorial Day activities later today. One is a ceremony at the Town Hall. The other is a church picnic. One has as it's purpose to remember the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and preserving freedom while serving our military. The other is for fun, enjoying the federal holiday.

Our president has asked us to pause at 3PM for a "moment of silence" on this day. We'll make that happen at our picnic, using that "moment" to not be silent, but to be vocally thankful to God for the land of the free and home of the brave.

Sacrifice, freedom and fun. They're a great combination.

Without the sacrifices of so many going back over 230 years and continuing this very day in the Middle East freedom would just be a dream. But it's reality for us in the US and possibility for others in places like Iraq and Afghanistan because brave souls have been willing to lay it all down to make it happen.

And here in this country we arguably have more opportunity to have fun than anywhere else in the world. Why is that? Isn't it simply because we're free? And our freedom has allowed us the ability to make the most of life and its opportunities. The lack of oppression (I'd like to say the absence of it, but will refrain) in a free society gives us the freedom to have fun.

It's great to be a citizen of such a country. Display the flag. Sing The Star Spangled Banner with your hand over your heart. Plant a flag on the grave of one who gave. Whether today you visit cemeteries, attend solemn ceremonies or eat a burger and throw a Frisbee, remember the sacrifice. Celebrate the freedom. And relish in the fun.

Just don't take any of it for granted.


Paul J. said...

Welcome to blogland! I've added you to my daily reader.
Care to exchange links? Let me know!
Paul Joseph

TerryKM said...

Good stuff. I've recently started blogging myself. I promise I'm not trying to copy you, but was inspired to start because of the upcoming trip to Helene and I wanted to be able to say a few things to those in the church while there. . .