Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Fever

Around our house the Olympics dominate TV viewing. Friday night my wife combined my birthday celebration with the Opening Ceremony and Nathan shaving his head. Big night! For Gail, the rest of the world can just take a back seat. The Olympics are on!

Last night I was the only one still up when the US men beat France (so much for the trash talking) in the 4x100 swimming relay. I'm surprised I didn't wake everyone up with my cheering!

There are some Olympic events that I love to watch. Some don't interest me at all.

What about you? How much of the Games do you view, if any? What impresses you most about the Olympics?


DavitaJo said...

I love to watch the swimming events, diving, basketball, and gymnastics. This year, I've been really impressed with the USA men's basketball team. I'm also a huge NBA fan, and I doubted that these men would be able to put their (highly paid) egos aside and play as a true team. If their win over China is any indication...they are making it work. I've also been impressed by the effort they have made to support the other USA teams. I think that we are going to see some good basketball during the next two weeks.

Additionally, my town (Eagle River, AK) is proud to be the home of the bronze medal winner in women's trap shooting! That's exciting!

That relay swim last night is probably the best moment of the games so far. I watched it...then pushed rewind on the DVR and watched it again.

MilePost13 said...

I think it was somebody else's birthday too...

I like the stories they tell of the athletes.

RHEA said...

I won't lie...I pretty much have had my rear end glued to my couch since Friday...I've been watching just about everything that they'd had on TV. As for favourites, I've really been enjoying watching swimming and soccer, and some of the archery that I've caught has been surprisingly interesting.

Alyce said...

I like swimming, diving and gymnastics. My husband loves the track and field events, so we are glued to the tv during the summer olympics.

I was cheering loudly for the US relay team last night too. It was totally unexpected and so impressive!

(I'm also glad to see that they worked out the problems with the national anthem.)

Missy said...

hey there rick! i love the olympics. i feel i have to love them.. why? b/c i was born in the middle of the 80 winter olympics; my daugther, during the 04 summer games.
i love swimming, but not into the diving, currently on the tv. i love the gymnastics. my hubby is a huge track and field spazz; when the track can be seen, there's no talking to him, interrupting, the world does not exist to him.
the winter games are even better for me, the skiing, the sledding, the hockey!

go usa!!

Apple said...

Watching Misty and Kerri playing in the sand right now.

And my husband DID wake me up with his cheering for the relay swim last night.


Ann said...

My husband and I have pretty much been glued to the TV as well. Since I live on the west coast I watched Nate shave his head and then the opening ceremonies. We enjoy the gymnastics, swimming and diving. There is a girl running the hurdles from Canada that went to the same university as my husband and I so we will watch her event.

Watching the relay win totally rocked. I was glad we didn't wake the kids cheering.

Mrs Redboots said...

Here in the UK, it's rather fun to wake up when the alarm goes off and reach out for the TV remote to see what has happened overnight!

I certainly have them on most of the time, but only really "watch" swimming, cycling, gymnastics, equestrian events and athletics, and positively turn off most team sports (can't stand football or basketball!). My sport is ice-dancing, so it's the Winter Olympics that really keepme glued!

But oh, how difficult it is not to get really involved and scream and yell when we get a medal. Especially when it's Gold!

Barb said...

The men's relay win was awesome! We watched it from our hotel room, as we were delivering our last child to college. Hope we didn't wake other guests with our cheering. I agree with Nate, I like the stories of the athletes. The men's gymnastics Bronze win last night was so inspiring. The Olympics are wonderful!

Meeh said...

Hmm well truth be told, I have not watched one bit and for no particular reason, just not interested. :] but hey! Enjoy!

Shelley said...

I like the diving (especially synchronized) and gymnastics. I did watch the womens' fencing as the Gold Medal winner is from Beaverton, Oregon, which is a suburb of Portland where I live.

Sylvie said...

Hi Rick!
Vive la France! :-)

Rick Lawrenson said...

"A fingertip did the victory," said Amaury Leveaux, one of the French swimmers. "It is nothing."

Nothing but 2nd place!!!
How do you play down losing a gold medal? "It was nothing"???


Tammy C said...

We are still watching the Olympics-way late last night.It is good thing these are taking place before school starts.

Now to see if Micheal gets 8!