Saturday, August 30, 2008

I've set my alarm

At 2:55AM my cell phone alarm is going off. Not just tonight, but every night for the next 41 nights. Well, I guess technically it's not nights but mornings.

Why? Because I'm part of over a hundred in our fellowship committed to a 15 minute segment of the day to check in with God through prayer and quiet time. Beginning September 1 Nags Head Church will be praying 24 hours a day through October 10.

Why? Because the prayers of those who know Christ make a difference. (My paraphrase of James.) And because we're preparing the the next 40 days to follow as together we discover God's purposes for our lives.

Why 2:55 in the morning? First, because my chosen 15 minutes starts at 3AM and I want to have a couple of minutes to get my head together before talking with God. Second, because I've got nothing else distracting my attention at that time of day/night. Third, because I need the discipline in my life. Fourth, because I'm a leader. Fifth, because I know God will be up waiting to hear from me. He never slumbers or sleeps.

And I'm starting a day early because I can.

Now if I can just figure how I'm going to get back to sleep...


Rick Lawrenson said...

If I can do it, so can you!

Jennifer said...

You can pray about it. (going back to sleep that is) after all you do have 15 minutes. At least 10 seconds can be devoted to "and lastly remember to help me fall back to sleep in a wonderful slumber so I can serve you better. Amen."


Mrs Redboots said...

Only 40 days? Our circuit has committed itself to daily prayer for the next year, starting tomorrow! At least we don't have to do it in the middle of the night.

Don't forget, the world is round - people are praying when you are still asleep. I am normally already on the ice when it is 2:45 am your time... it is 7:45 am my time! Maybe on the days I don't skate I can pray then....

ZazFamily said...

i will be praying for your church at 4:45am daily. God is so good.


KDH Catt said...

I have 4:45 pm. Sounds like a great time, unless like me you're working the 911 center at that time. Thankfully, I have angels on my side....several of my aunts are being my backup team on the days I have day shift. They will be included on my player list in the thanksgiving/blessing part.

Happy praying,
Nancy S.