Sunday, August 10, 2008

Have you been praying for Pepe?

"Pepe" - her name is Gina, received a double lung transplant (she has CF) over a month ago when she was very sick and had two strikes against her. The time since the surgery has been very difficult with multiple complications and surgeries. Somehow she has continued to fight.

But the latest post on her site indicates her condition must be very grave tonight. Please lift her up to the Father. And don't forget her family and friends who have gone through this very difficult ordeal with her.


Debra said...

When I read her post earlier I was thinking, too, that things must be pretty grave. Thanks for spreading the need for prayer for her.
Belated happy birthday, too!

Mrs Redboots said...

Indeed, I've been praying for her ever since Nate drew her to my attention on his blog, but it does seem that things are very critical today.

Thanks for drawing attention to her need.

Rick Lawrenson said...

Still hoping and praying for Pepe. But the latest post on her site raises questions, mostly "How in the world will she be strong enough/well enough to endure another transplant?"

But I'm not a doctor. And I'm certainly not God. So I keep praying.

melissam2 said...

Appears that they have closed the blog. All we can continue to do is pray.