Thursday, August 21, 2008

Down time

Gail and I flew out yesterday to Los Angeles for a week of vacation. We're here because I was asked to officiate at a wedding. But we could sure use the breather.

On our agenda is Mexican food. And plenty of it. We also managed a lunch yesterday at Polly's Pies. And I've already opened up a box of See's Candies sugar free peanut brittle. We had dinner with a bunch of friends last night, then crashed. It takes me about 3 days to adjust to the time difference.

Now I gotta go out and find a cup of coffee!


coffespaz said...

Have a wonderful time!!

marcia said...

Oh Rick, you and Gail just have a WONDERFUL time of R & R...and enjoy all of your friend's wonderful Mexican cooking, that you raved about so much after your last visit out there! And enjoy sunsets, instead of sunrises, over the ocean!

Lesley said...

Yummy!!! I absolutely LOVE See's candy!!

Gotz Family said...

I miss Polly's Pie Hamburgers. They don't have those up here in Nor. Cal.

Have a great vacation

Rick Lawrenson said...

Two days - 3 pieces of pie - two Mexican meals.

Life can't get much better.

Andy Lawrenson said...

Don't overdose on frijoles refritos. Remember you are a guest in someone's house.

Denise said...

I am soooo Jealous! Next you are going to tell us you have gone to In & Out Burger! I miss living in CA! Have a great time!

HelpForTheJourney said...

Wish I could have been at the get-together with friends!!
Eat a piece of Marie Callendar's for me (my favorite is Chocolate Cream, but anykind will do!!) Tell everyone hello!!

Rick Lawrenson said...

I don't eat at In N Out. To me their burgers are nothing special. But, I do get their t-shirts.

I think the pies we ate Thursday night were from MC's. Terry brought them. Mine was boysenberry.

~j~ said...

Welcome to California! Have a great and realaxing time the two of you and enjoy every bite of Mexican food you find, which in California is not too difficult!! :)

Susan Hooper said...

Rick and Gail,
Glad you are enjoying some R and R time in So Cal! Gotta love that See's! Too bad they don't have it (along with good Mexican food) on the East Coast! =( Enjoy your time here.
Susan in the OC