Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Being relevant...

I have to confess. Not too long ago (in the 21st century) I found this in a church literature rack and had to take one. This was there for the taking, presumably by the uninitiated and/or curious.

At first I couldn't resist laughing. But it's really not funny.

On the back of the brochure is a date. 1971.

Now, I remember 1971. I turned 16 in 1971. And I'm sure a lot of men in my church looked like these two. But you gotta wonder what the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention (yes, my denomination...) was thinking with this pose and these models. Who were they trying to attract with that?

It's kind of scary!

Even more stupifying is trying to figure out why a church 30plus years after this tract was published still has it out for the taking? Is anyone there paying attention? I mean not just to their literature, but to the world that has passed them by?

I know the answer, because I know the church. And if you take a look at their dwindling congregation, guess who you'll see? The guy in the picture is still there!

Unfortunately his children and grandchildren are nowhere to be found.


Andy Lawrenson said...

"what kind of church do have in mind when you think of 'Baptist'?"

I think probably most people think of that guy on the front of the tract. Not too inviting is it?

Would the guy on that track be comfortable with me in my shorts and flip flops? I think not. He would probably consider that attire as non-baptist.

These same churches are asking the question, "Why aren't the youth coming to church today?"
My question is, "What in your worship service is geared towards youth?"

Apple said...

Well, I'm just dying to know what it says a Baptist church is. *insert picture of me in thinker pose here...ponytail, snot stain on the shoulder of my t-shirt, flip-flops, and Sonic soda...you know, church attire :)*

marie/nhc said...

The guy reminds me of Perry Mason.

Bonnie said...

he was probably the hippest at that time...maybe it was put there as a joke? or an antique? or retro deco? His glasses aren't that different from our youth pastors...tee heee.....

Andy Lawrenson said...

I heard that!

Bonnie said...

come to think of it...he pretty much has the same pose as you! teeeeehhhhheeeee