Monday, February 27, 2023

A Second Chapter: the Lynchburg Revival of '73

 In the fall of 1973 a supernatural awakening took place on the campus of Thomas Road Baptist Church, which also housed Lynchburg Christian Academy and Lynchburg Baptist College (now Liberty Christian Academy and Liberty University). I was a freshman student there in college that semester.  

In my opinion what took place in Lynchburg was a continuation of what had been happening across the country for the past 3 years.  Like the Jesus Revolution, it was both an awakening with Christ becoming the Savior of many, and a revival with Christians repenting of sin in their lives.  


I find myself fortunate to have been in both places, in Southern California as the Jesus Movement exploded and in Lynchburg as a college campus and church were radically changed by the Holy Spirit.  


By the way, this Lynchburg revival started with high school students!

Here is an account of that revival. May God do it again!

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