Saturday, July 21, 2012

God uses every experience

When I was working in construction 25 years ago I wasn’t happy about it.  God had called me to preach and lead in the church, but for a season He had me banging (and bending) nails.  I confess I didn’t do so with the most submissive of attitudes toward the Lord, often asking “Why?” and whining.

But if we understand that our lives are under the lordship of a sovereign God who uses every experience as a tool to mold and shape us, then we can handle the disappointments life brings with grace.  Before those 4 years I call my “wilderness journey” I knew nothing about construction and had no skills with hammer or saw.

It now makes perfect sense to me why God took me down that path for a while.  In 1991 and 1999 I was able to use those skills to remodel and add on to my own house.  A few years ago I got to go to Canada and help build cabins for a Christian conference outreach to native Americans with our missionaries Don and Mary DeHart.  I’ve even applied some of that knowledge and skill to projects around NHC over the years.

Once again God is letting me dust off my tool belt to do some mission work.  Now banging nails is a joy as I see the seeds planted and watered in the hearts of those needing Christ.

We’re talking about seasons and times of life today.  God uses them all for our good and the good of the good of others, even if we don’t at first see it. 

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