Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Roller Coaster Emotions

We are created by God to be emotional beings.  It is normal to have times of sadness and ecstatic joy.  According to Solomon in Ecclesiastes those emotions come in seasons, as God gives us balance.  Emotional health welcomes both the highs and the lows, but never stays on one level or the other.  We need both and everything in between.

This week, for example, my life has and will include..
...A great Sunday!
...Two back to back DOA calls in the post-midnight hours of Monday morning.
...A great game of golf with friends (a golf game gives you every emotion).
...Seeing my grandchildren smile this morning.
...A funeral on Thursday.  (Oh, I had a funeral last Saturday, too.)
...A wedding on Saturday.

It's just Wednesday morning, so only God knows where my roller coaster car will go next.  So, I must have a heart focused on the only Constant in my life, Jesus Christ.  As my Shepherd He can be trusted to lead me through the darkest valleys and to the greenest pastures.  Knowing that keeps me from questioning Him about the track of my life. 

How great it is to know He won't leave me hanging emotionally, but keeps life moving moving through it's seasons. 

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