Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Gwyneth!

Our granddaughter is 4 years old today! She's growing and brings us great joy as she does.

January 8 is more than the anniversary of her birth, it's the anniversary of seeing God show His power, grace and mercy in ways we can never forget.

Below is a re-posting of what I wrote four years ago. I'm still in wonder.

They took Tricia down to OR just before noon. We got a call just after 1:00 that the tracheotomy went well and that she was stable. However just a couple of minutes later we were told that they were proceeding with the C Section. So we all rushed down to the surgical floor to join Nathan.

The wait seemed like forever, but about 45 minutes later the OB doctor came in and said the C Section went well and that Tricia seemed stable. The wave emotion that swept over us was huge. Lots of tears. Prayer of thanksgiving.
The baby weighs about 1 lb. 6 oz. She's been intubated and is in NICU. We've seen a picture the doc took on his blackberry. She's tiny, but has hair on her head!

Tricia's been taken back to ICU where they're tweaking her ventilation. For the time being she's kept under sedation and paralysis to keep her still. Her pulmonary doc met with us a few minutes ago and told us what took place. There were about 75 people in the OR and he said they all did their jobs well.
He also said Tricia's chances of survival from this are still "iffy" at best.

Nathan seems to be doing OK now. It was tremendously emotional for him, as you can imagine. He's been in to see Tricia. Later we'll get a visit from someone in NICU to update us on Gwyneth's status.
So please, if you're part of the prayer effort, don't stop now. Both mother and child are critical at this point. But all of us here know that all the prayers helped us get through this.

And the doc was wrong about who was in the OR. There was One he missed.


Roxanne said...

This was one of those days, for me, that I will always remember "where I was" when I got this news. We had been to Duke 7 days before, to pray with and for Tricia. On January 8, another little person became just as real to us, and our prayers were more "without ceasing" than I can remember at any time in my life. During the next days, while Tricia was kept asleep and the rest of us waited for her to wake up and hear the news, we all learned the value and preciousness of life in a way that had never been so real. Every time I see Gwyneth, I see a miracle. The early church prayed for opportunities for God to reach out His hand and do miracles to show His power to unbelievers. I wonder if they had any idea how hard it is to go through those miracles waiting to see how they will turn out. They don't all turn out the way we mean when we pray them! I remember Nathan showing true faith when he put his girls in God's hands. The rest of us were there, holding his hands up for him 24/7.
I'll always remember where I was.

Unknown said...

I remember that day like it was yesterday, through the grace of God and a good friend I found Nathan's blog and then yours. I remember constantly refreshing both and praying so hard for all of you. Every time anyone asks if I believe in God's work or in miracles I tell them that I have seen them daily, but the best example that I can use to show them is through Nathan, Trisha, and G's story. I have said it multiple times, your family led me back to God, and back to worship.

Anonymous said...

"And the doc was wrong about who was in the OR. There was One he missed."

Yup, just like that "extra" person in the furnace
in Daniel 3...:-)