Saturday, October 2, 2010

Absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts

There's lots of scary stuff in this article about uncontrolled ego, unabashed materialism and unquestioned authority. Bishop Eddie Long has so many flashing yellow lights going on around him and his "ministry" that even if he wins the lawsuit against him, you have to wonder how people like this can have any credibility.

No wonder the unbelieving world thinks Christians are fools - not for our belief in a crucified, risen, returning Savior - but for blind allegiance to blind leaders. "Jesus" is not a name to be used to satisfy our own lustful passions.

And we're just getting over the wannabe book burner.

Rant over.


Lou and Beth LaBrunda said...

Thank you for speaking out with grace and truth.

Brenda said...

Let's see... you've been driving the same truck for many years...lived in the same house since the '90s...are as humble as ever...don't even have a reserved parking place. You must be preaching a different Gospel.

CJolly said...

Very telling article, especially the one mention of Jesus Christ, who apparently tales a back seat to the pastor in that church.