Thursday, June 24, 2010

Le Fete de la Musique - NHC Band plays on the streets of Grenoble

Monday night was the annual Festival of Music in Grenoble, France. I was there with our church band, which was invited by two Grenoble Churches, Le CEP and the International Church of Grenoble, to be part of the festival.

Imagine every street corner and many spaces in between occupied by bands and musicians, all playing for whoever will stop and listen and all for simply the love of music. Downtown Grenoble was full of thousands of festival goers. Our band had an extra motivation - that of sharing the message of Christ through their songs.

For me as a pastor it was one of the highlights of my years of ministry to see a team from our little church in NC being able to do something so special. The crowds gathered to hear this American band (we may have been the only such in the city) and to find with surprise that the band was not only very good, but sang about Jesus Christ in ways that implied they knew Him.

Enjoy the montage, prepared by our friend in Grenoble, Matt Glock.

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